Small is Beautiful

Short fiction workshop with Lucy Durneen

Short Stories ‘see’ the world differently from long stories. Raymond Carver famously said the short story had more in common with the poem than the novel; V. S Pritchett described it as the ‘moment glimpsed in passing.’ This is the realm of the fleeting, the love affair that can’t last, the overheard conversation. How can we pin down these stories? Do we even know where to look to find them?

This workshop will aim to re-train your eye to catch sight of these ‘moments glimpsed’ and explore the power of compression. We’ll be looking at what it is that makes short fiction the vital, layered beast that it is, (clue: it’s not just word count) and finding that one true sentence to begin, and develop, our own small, beautiful stories. We’ll read some examples of masters of the form, share our own words, and offer feedback, with the hope that you’ll leave ready to draft new work.

(N.B The aim of the workshop is to have fun writing – no-one will have to read anything out unless they want to!)

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