Michele Fairbairn entered the world with a passion for alchemy. Fascinated by and compelled to turn the basest of life elements, observations and experiences into objects d’art, she has a particular penchant for word-smithery as a freelance writer, short story writer, playwright as well as visual artist, performer, theatre devisor and community health & arts worker. She has a passion for story-telling and hybrid theatre practices with a particular simpatico for working outside the square and deviating from the well-trodden path into the quirky and sometimes, downright absurd. Where possible in what time exists between studying Psychology and managing her two Natural Therapy Practices, she continues to sing flesh onto bones and leave ethereal imprints, bruises and invitations in her wake.

Michele and Jess M. Miller will be discussing ‘Pushing the boundaries of romance’ during their session at 1:40pm on Saturday Nov 4.