Stephen Orr’s first novel, Attempts to Draw Jesus, was based on the disappearance of Simon Amos and James Annetts in the Great Sandy Desert in 1986. His fascination with Australian landscapes has since led to the Barossa Valley of the 1950s (Hill of Grace, an examination of Lutheran fundamentalism), the suburbs of Adelaide, the Australian wheatbelt, as well as second-hand car yards. He has written for a range of publications on subjects as diverse as Glenn Gould’s radio documentaries and Scottish graveyards. His favourite short story writers include Borges, Rulfo, Flannery O’Connor and Joyce. He is especially fond of Robert Walser’s very short fiction (micrograms). His short story collection Datsunland was published in 2017.

Stephen will be joined by Gay Lynch in a session titled ‘The slam of the screen door’ on Saturday Nov 4 at 4pm, and will discuss ‘The long and the short of it’ with Amy T. Matthews at 2:40pm on Sunday Nov 5.