ASSF Circled

The Australian Short Story Festival is an annual festival celebrating short stories in written and spoken forms.

Founded by Anna Solding of MidnightSun Publishing and Caroline Wood of Margaret River Press, the Festival connects audiences with short story writers, storytellers, publishers, and editors of literary magazines. It brings together readers and local, Australian and international short story writers.

As the first national event to focus exclusively on the short story form, the Australian Short Story Festival offers a unique contribution to the nation’s literary culture, as well as a timely response to the current resurgence of this aesthetically exacting narrative form.

The Festival is a non-profit organisation set up to bring writers, oral storytellers, and audiences together in a different Australian city each year. In 2018 the Festival will be held in Perth, Western Australia, from 19 – 21 October.

The 2018 Festival program was prepared by the Festival Organising Committee with a strong commitment to culturally inclusive programming to ensure both speakers and audiences come from culturally diverse backgrounds.