By day, Mike Cooper is a doctor of physics, games programmer and designer, and teacher. After working in the Adelaide games industry as a programmer for 16 years, he is now teaching games programming at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment.

At night he turns into Dr Mike 2000, creator of psychedelic superhero sci-fi. 

This started with game mods in 2003, but has lead to a intense period of writing and drawing comics since early 2013. He’s recently completed the 12 issue comic series “Universe Gun”, which is a little bit X-Men, a little bit Fifth Element, and a little bit Yellow Submarine. He’s a regular contributor to the 24 Hour Comic Challenge with a line of “Strange Romance” comics, and has expanded this idea this year by publishing “Entwined: A Recurrent Romance” with art by Darren C Fisher.

Mike has travelled this great nation spreading the word of his orgone-infused comics, and in the process has contributed to other Australian indie productions such as Retro Sci-Fi Tales, NSEW, Deathship Jenny and The 4 Horsefemmes.

He is currently working on a Universe Gun computer game as part of a larger project to develop a universal role-playing game system.